About Us

Getting to know us

G-Mobility is a technology organization that seeks to provide all its clients with service like no other. We always leave you with satisfaction that you cannot get anywhere under the beautiful Namibian sun. G Mobility Investment Technology cc is an IT solution and the mobile infrastructure company based in Namibia, with its Headquarters in Windhoek, Namibia. G Mobility Investment Technology CC delivers high quality IT products and services to its clients. Furthermore, as a Namibian company G Mobility Investment Technology CC provides its clients with data security and operational quality platforms which the clients require at any time.


G Mobility Investment Technology Investment Technology CC’s vision is to take Namibian private businesses, clients and public institutions from the current level to the next high level in tandem with the best IT solutions and practices. Once this acceptable level is reached, it is G Mobility Investment Technology CC’s vision to ensure that the standards do not decline. In so doing, the platform will be a cost effective IT solution and Mobile Services platform, which quite easily supports Vision 2030

Mission Statement

G Mobility Investment Technology CC’s mission is to mentor and assist the clients for day to day IT solutions and services. The pricing of these IT solutions and services are therefore mutually beneficial to the clients and G Mobility Investment Technology.

Our Values


Good governance

Team Work


Best Corporate Citizenship

Our aim

G Mobility Investment Technology CC’s aim is to cover the whole of Namibia with specialized and integrated I. T. services and products. With G Mobility investment Technology CC Mobile Platform, information communication and commercial services, G Mobility is in a position  to provide services across Namibia.


G Mobility Investment Technology CC’s strength is to add value to different segments of tits clientele. One of G Mobility Investment Technology CC’s  strengths is I. T. solutions that will grow and become significant contributions to the Namibian communities and the economy at large. 


It is G Mobility Investment Technology CC’s strategy to enhance and support best level of delivery and expertise, ensure customers satisfaction. This will further support and protect G Mobility Investment Technology CC’s brand as I. T. solutions provider. 

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance guarantee us to deliver on a speedy pace and we always advice our customers to the best level of delivery and expertise and ensure our clients remain satisfied with our service not only to prove for the sake of raising name but to build the name of G Mobility Investment Technology CC. 

Our mission is to Provide Competitive Advantages to our Partners through Focus, Technical Excellence and Outstanding Customer Care by sourcing solutions to a huge success as technology is our concern.

Corporate and social investments

Prolonged in terms of judgements of sustainability and positive contribution to corporate businesses and stakeholders benefits is our core focus. In our social responsibilities and programmes, we GM I.T always rise to national and local communities outcries to what we can sensities the best we can.

Trainings and internships

With our expertise are we welcoming youth in information technology to up they skills and basis of common sense for equal future job opportunities through education and development and have in-service comfortability and environmental acquaintances in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) yet our internship programmes are welcoming three to six months in-service training scholars and interested members.